Leadership Architecture

Leadership Architecture

Benefit from a leadership culture that is aligned with your organisation’s strategy.

The Leadership Architecture helps companies shape their human capital and build a leadership culture that is aligned with their strategy. Instead of force-fitting to conform to an existing system, we co-design it, empowering our clients with a human-to-human approach to achieve tangible results. The impact we create spans through  the entire organization, and always starts with people at the center of it.

The Leadership Architecture is a unique learning and development approach for authentic growth seekers that are looking for a solution that will empower L&D and HR Managers to take control of the development journeys for their talents.

Our LA methodology comes with a coherent toolkit that includes guidelines, tools, templates, real-life examples, best practices, and videos that help our clients unleash the potential of their people, teams, and organization.

The five dimensions of the DOOR Leadership Architecture

Leadership Architecture is a five dimensional

development approach:

Leading Culture
Leading Self
Leading People
Leading Business
Leading Customers

Flexible - Modular - Personalized

Instead of an A + B

We adapt to each client’s specific-current situation by assessing their needs and helping the organization attract, develop, and retain its talents. With our dedicated expertise and a deep understanding of industry trends, our commitment to ongoing collaboration and support ensures that our clients not only achieve their immediate goals, but also maintain a sustainable competitive advantage over time.

A Tailored Leadership Architecture

Comprised by a landscape of 20 competencies, we offer a wide solutions portfolio, and an extensive array of learning programs and tools to choose from. Highly flexible and customizable, addressing client culture, mindset, vision, and pain areas using our diagnostics toolkit.

Unleash Your Potential for Talent Development with Us

With cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, we create custom-tailored leadership development journeys that respond to the unique needs and aspirations of each talent, delivering a truly personalized growth journey. This aligns the leaders, managers, teams, and employees to the company’s strategic compass. The impact we deliver extends across entire organizations and begins with the people who are at the heart of it.

We comprehend your requirements and will collaborate closely with you to tailor the ideal solution. Your uniqueness is valued, and we guarantee: We got you.

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Ready to embrace the Leadership Architecture? Foster change? Enable learning? Get the designing pencils? Move beyond the one-size-fits-all approach!

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For all leaders and managers at different levels. For all organizations that need a leadership solution to achieve greater results.

Yes, it can be delivered in all languages around the globe.

All approaches are available: Face-to-Face, Remote, or Hybrid.

This approach includes assessments, consultations, coaching, mentoring, learning journey mapping, and L&D tool kits. We first perform a full analysis of your current company culture leadership levels to assess and identify leadership gaps. Based on the findings, we provide a holistic leadership solution to help you achieve your results.
However, we will design and choose together, whichever method suits you best. It can be small  project or the duration can be long. 

With our holistic approach we can show you how to build your company’s desired culture and help you to achieve desired outcomes and beyond. We focus on the soft skills that enable people. The approach will impact your whole organization and people’s experience. Last but not least, we provide the unique learning experience to help each individual develop to their fullest potential.

  1. We can help if your employees lack essential business soft skills
  2. We can help you cultivate a team of first-time managers to expand your business
  3. We can help if your company lacks lateral leadership
  4. And, we can help if there’s a misalignment between your organization’s culture/beliefs and the leadership skills of your employees

It is a holistic approach, so it depends on what dimensions are included each time. We tailor the approach for each of our clients.

Leadership Architecture

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